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Amazing amount of comments that I just waded through! As an intact male growing up in a 'cut' society, I've wondered about all this for a lifetime. A few thoughts: once, when I caught a yeast infection, the tiny bumps around the ridge of my glans disappeared. Technical term is 'papillae,' and I think they are nerve endings. The bumps fell off, and bye-bye to the first level of sensation. My theory is that without them, the man becomes dependent on less subtle sensations for his fun. No more non-moving sex, no more tiny, tiny movements. He has to use his penis like a weapon — bangity-bang-bang. My view is that circumcision was a patriarchal discovery to make wham-bammers out of the men – the manly art of assault. Probably Moses needed warriors, and all the young men were lying around soft inside their women, breathing in sync together. 'Soft' increases sensitivity, by the way. Just find a position that keeps you inside your partner. In the so-called 'Golden Age,' young men could lie all night inside their beloveds, synchronized breathing into ecstasy, but that doesn’t get an empire conquered. By the way, non-moving sex excludes the possibility of rape, but when wiggling’s all you’ve got, the whole crazy race to be the biggest and the hardest begins. The whole male competitive scramble to be Mr. Big, "The Master Bull, ” and there goes our whole capitalistic system!
I have a suggestion for circumcised males: figure out a way to keep your glans moist until you regrow your papillae. Perhaps wear a tight condom for several weeks with a hole to pee through at the tip. For the uncircumcised, it's more of a challenge, but figure out a way to keep the glans exposed to the air for the same amount of time. It will gradually grow a protective layer of skin over what's supposed to be a mucus-like membrane.
One other discovery: the only enhancement pill I have tried is Viagra. It increases the blood flow to the penis, but also includes the foreskin that swelled to the point where my penis tip could not extract itself. I wonder if others have noticed this, and whether this is true of other male enhancement supplements. I haven't had the courage to experiment further! Thanks,

August 11, 2018 - 5:35pm


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