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To all the women out there STOP you don't have a penis so you don't know what we go through just like we don't know what you go through when you get menopause... So first thing im 38 years old i got circumcised this year by far its the best move i could of done so lets start, now my penis don't doesn't smell like urine, my penis doesn't sweet, im always ready even when i come home from work, when i was uncircumcised i always had to be in a look out, the head of my penis was always moist and sometimes smelly, once i took a shower it be ok but once i pissed that was it sometimes i would dry it but you can't always do that... so with that said i have been in in quite amounts of relationship, one night stands and so on... but i am a homehealth aide teacher and nobody thinks we are going to get older and beleave me there aren't too many wifes or homehealth aide that are going to clean you up and pull your skin back when your old and have no strength also now i feel like a porn star, my penis has character and i can still f the shit out any girl, so with that said i think all of us men should consider being circumcised specially at an older stage in life.... so if you thinking about it yes do it but find the right surgeon because my surgeon did a great job nice and straight looks like a model jijijijijijijiji i love my penis thats my bro....... also the surgery goes like this you can't jerk off for about 1month and ahalf, within that month and a half you will bleed and be in pain and your stitches will pop in the morning with the hard on, but its normal by the end of the month your going to want to rip your wife in half because your so horny plus you can't wait till you use it because yes at first it's scary but one you hit that boy your going to be happy and your going to cum like you never came before in your life also your going to admire it, you just got a new toy, also its a little different when you jerk off since your use to the skin but with time it gets even better, also your underwears will heart the head of your penis because it feels very sensitive i recommend wear a tight underwear or a cup but in time it will go back to the same thing but only more confident because your ready any time... and thats the real truth so stop it only a circumcised person know the deal in my case i love i feel more manly for some reason, its something i can't explains and to those that talk it because either they fked your circumcision or all the bullshit you hear over hear gets you scared. good look.... everyone, i seriously hope this helps to all men out there....

December 11, 2017 - 7:31pm


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