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I was circumcised at 25, almost 20 years ago. I had plenty of sex before, and plenty after. My penis is no less sensitive now than it was pre-circumcision and, and this will get all in 'inactivitsts' going, I'd honestly say sex is better without the foreskin. For those that like to argue about the loss of all the nerve endings, I'd suggest you go and actually learn what the procedure is about - it certainly is not lopping off all of the foreskin and loose millions of pleasure giving nerve endings.... I know!

And from what I can ascertain, there was not much in it from the women's side. Some preferred the feeling of a circumcised penis, some preferred the look on an uncircumcised, most didn't care less.

And all this talk of the so called 'gliding action', which may be a thing for some with a foreskin, but not all because foreskins, like all parts of the human body, come in all thickness' and lengths. Some foreskins are naturally so short they appear circumcised when erect, some so long that the head barely gets out; so claiming an uncircumcised penis will be this, or do that, is just plain daft!

Then there's this whole thing about how women don't get dry with an uncircumcised partner... well for some women, the pill effectively 'dries them up' making the use of lube essential, it has nothing to do with a foreskin. I've been in two relationships where the use of the pill was akin to turning a tap. On it, dry and lube needed every-single-time; off it, no problems. Do any of the inactivist claims take this into account, I bet not.

And to all those women telling men their penis' should feel like this, or that, and you are missing out because, and... STOP IT! You are not the owner of a penis, so you do not qualify for an opinion. End of story. If a woman is trying to give an opinion about what a penis should or should not be doing, tune out, right there and then.

Look, this is and forever will be an endless argument. Do what you want with your kids, there's not right or wrong. If you are a man with a foreskin, or without, be happy. If you are a woman, get to know what your guy likes, it about using what he's got and really, foreskin or not, learn how to use it and you both will have a great time. But articles like this, based on one the mumbo-jumbo science of the so called 'anti lobby' are misleading at best, dangerous at worst. I know what it's like to be uncircumcised and I know what it's like to be circumcised and honestly, all these bizarre claim being touted as fact... well, they are just bizarre claims, nothing else.

May 31, 2017 - 2:09am


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