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It's too bad this writer knows so little about science, history, or sex.
* Circumcision did not originate to reduce male sexual pleasure. It doesn't do that. There are plenty of ways religion does that (along with female sexual pleasure), but circumcision isn't one. It was originally intended to create a visible difference between one group and another.
* Circumcision does not prevent men from feeling extraordinary sexual pleasure. Guilt, shame, back pain, lack of communication, fear of pregnancy, anger, and fear of losing erection do that quite well. When men complain about not enjoying sex enough, professional sex therapists never say "that's because you've been circumcised." A significant number of men who love sex are circumcised.
* The World Health Organization and American medical groups all agree that circumcision is an extremely safe way to reduce HIV.

January 29, 2015 - 4:54pm


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