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Okay so here is my opinion. I am an American Man, 23 years old with European parents. I am uncircumcised. I am in perfect control of when i ejaculate and having control over when you finish is just a matter of learning your body. The main problem in the united states is that i would say 90% of American guys in my class were cut. and most girls in the united states have never seen or "handled one". where they wont say anything to you, it clearly used to bother girls(when i was in high school) i was a popular kid, so it did not stop much, but people spread rumors.. and i cannot tell you how many times girls would talk about an uncircumcised penis's when i was right next to them not knowing i was intact. they would say things like it looks gross! looks like a maggot, etc etc.. Doesn't make a Guy very confident in his ability to please a woman. actually it makes him feel unhappy and resentful. and believe it or not although i am happy to be an intact male, i would have been much happier and stress free in middle-highschool if i was circumcised, because of the ridicule you get if you are not (kids are cruel i guess)

Needless to say i am in a happy relationship now. since the first time we had sex she told me i was the best shes ever had (and believe me shes not the only one to say that!) though being well endowed may play a slight role, im starting to believe my foreskin has something to do with it.

i will agree that an uncircumcised man is more sensitive, and when i was first stating to have sex i was lucky to get 5 mins! but now i have learned my body and i can choose when i go! so for the skeptics saying an uncircumcised man lasts longer? false.

So in all, and i think anyone should take this into consideration, and as much as i would like to stand up for all of us uncut men out there, being uncut caused me A LOT of heart ache and pain and got me made fun of when i was younger.. and a penis being something a Man derives much of his pride from. having your made fun of (especially by girls) can be really tough. Being that i live in the united states if i could go to my parents at day one i would probably tell them to please hack it off. but seeing as how thats not going to happen and i already dealt with growing up part. i am totally fine with being uncut.

i hear more and more children are being left intact (up to 60% in some parts of the country.) so maybe in later generations things will be different.. so please take what i have to say in to consideration. all a man needs is confidence! and the rest follows

November 6, 2012 - 3:24pm


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