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Dearest Michelle,
Hurray for your promise to give back to the world and to create a place where others could find the information quickly that took you so long to discover. I know what it is like to go from one doctor to another to another ad nauseum, each doctor prescribing his own "treatment", and sinking you ever and ever deeper into a hopeless case of despair. I was there for over a decade, struggling with the extreme out of control highs, and devastating lows of manic depression. My father had no clue what to do with me- I was a hopeless case, and he did the only thing he knew to do- took me to every sam dick and harry quack doctor out there, hoping that one doctor might have the answer and set my life back into "normal" mode again, that is, normal for "Him" so that he wouldn't feel threatened by my wild flights of fancy and my delusional rants and raves about being God of the Universe, and flying through the sky and every wild thing you can imagine. And the lows, OH THE LOWS. Hell was knocking at my door, Satan was peering right into my soul, just itching to take me down the path of ultimate destruction, where I would destroy everything and everyone I came into contact with, including those who were just trying to help me. I can't tell you how many times I was on the verge of snapping and losing all control of my impulses, and turning into the Beast prophecied about in Revelation. I want to make a difference on your site, I want to provide hope for the hopeless, and light for those who are in the darkness of severe depression. To do that I'm going to need some help from you as well. First of all, I'd love to speak with you about some improvements that could be made to your website. I know you want to reach the widest audience possible, and in order to do that, you are going to want to lift the restriction on how many emails can be forwarded or sent within an hour. I'm trying to direct all the contacts in my Gmail contact list (93) to be exact to the web site, to see a post I made in regards to my comments about the issue of the day, which is how to fix the healthcare system in the US. However, I am not being allowed to send any, and keep getting a message stating that the email I can send has been exceeded. Please address this problem quickly so that I can bring more attention to your website. I'm telling everyone I know about EmPowher (btw, there is another great website out their called EMPower.com that sells something branded as TRUE HOPE, a supplement that can be taken instead of pharmaceutical drugs to help bring people out of bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses), as well as 1000women.com. I would like to see you reach millions upon millions of women, and I'd eventually like to see this site evolve to where users can post video questions and answers, and I think that would be a huge boost to your marketing approach, considering both the IPHONE5 and IPOD5 both do HD recording, and uploading video to the site would allow every woman on here to share her story- you could even interview the doctors you went to and that would bring in much more business to the doctors. Please, I just need a way to get in touch with you fast. Let's grow this thing to reach a universal audience. Blessings. PS- you might try Kajabi Internet Marketing Software, just launched today at www.Kajabi.com, and that could help you to bring an even more relevant and meaningful user experience to those already on this web-site. It is VERY affordable- only $99 a month for Gigabytes and Gigabytes of Bandwidth. Much love from above.

Christopher David Moyer

[Personal information removed per EmpowHER policy]

October 15, 2010 - 2:13am


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