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I've been dealing with similar symptoms for going on 5 weeks now. Burning/irritation of the labia minora. Did 2 rounds (2 weeks)of yeast medication and a 1 time 4 pill dose of medication for bacterial infection after which all tests came back negative. I have yet another doctor appointment in 2 days. No idea what they will tell me since all tests have been negative. Dr. Said it looked like irritation as oppose to infection 2 weeks ago at last appointment, but this was before last round of testing. I have found that after 5 or so days symptoms would begin to clear then reappear. About 4 days ago I had a bad flare up not only on the labia minora but around the anus as well. At this point I'm thinking it has something to do with the toilet paper I was using (Scott extra soft) because I've recently read that extra soft tissue tends to leave more lint behind..... Or from use of flushable wipes. I was prescribed nystatin and triamcinolone cream at my last appt. apply 2 times a day. After the flare-up I applied to all affected areas at night and most of the anal irritation was gone by the morning. The labia irritation is still there but I'm wondering if its due to more sensitive skin and the issue persisting longer there already. From the beginning I have felt the irritation more AFTER using the bathroom not WHILE going in the case of most infections. I'm glad to hear of the toilet paper recommendation because the last 4 days I've been using baby wash cloths washed in free & clear detergent and I know this can't be a long term solution. We cloth diaper our youngest so cloth toilet paper wasn't much of a stretch. Sorry for the book. Glad to share experience. It's daunting and stressful but ladies do your research and continue seeing your doctor until you get answers. A lot is trial and error as we are all different. I have been using the same toilet paper and wipes for over a year.....apparently irritation doesn't usually show up when it first takes place which I believe is why it doesn't heal overnight or as soon as the irritant is removed. Crossing my fingers it was the wipes and to but I will try to update. I've seen on other sites besides this one that once the irritant is identified it can take 2-4 weeks to clear up. Hopefully this will help someone.

September 7, 2015 - 10:19pm


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