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Children of deaf adults even have a neat acronym (CODA) so I don't see why children of Aspie adults shouldn't also discuss among themselves their Aspie parents. I would want to caution about generalizing, even with the word "some" in front of it. In terms of Aspie/Autistic/Neurotypical, I'm from a very blended family. My dad is an Aspie, but my mom, a neurotypical, was the one who seemed 'distant' - though we have a great family and we all get along wonderfully. In our generation, one of my sisters and I are Aspies and my other sis is neurotypical - though none of us were diagnosed growing up. My daughter is autistic - and my diagnosis, after her autism diagnosis, was the first. I tell my daughter she's a good person, I love her, and I'm glad she's my daughter - tell her that IN WORDS as well as actions. My son is too young to be diagnosed one way or the other - but I tell him I love him too, and he will be HIMSELF whether is is Aspie or Nerotypical. My husband is neurotypical and so is my stepson, but we're fine! Every family is different.

October 23, 2009 - 3:21am


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