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Hello Concerned_Citizen4 and Anonymous:
Thank you so much for responding to this article and making your voices heard. While the article uses the word "some" a lot to describe "some" Asperger parents, it definitely does not describe ALL of them.
The website was founded so that voices like yours could be heard. You are living and breathing your own unique experiences every day, and as in many respects more of an "expert" than some of the official "experts" out there.
I hope you will write again and tell us more about your lives, your frustrations, and most of all, what you want those of us who aren't in your world to understand about your ups and downs and successes. No one here would intentionally want to knock down anyone, so please help us to better understand your world so we can join you as you walk tall and move forward.
Take good care,

October 22, 2009 - 5:15pm


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