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I so agree with everything you say, being an asperger parent myself, if anything growing up with NT parents and not being understood makes me over compensate... both my NT and aspie children are loved and we have brilliant relationships, like most aspie parents I know make exceptional parents, if anything over parent, if that is possible...My apsie child even thanked me for not forcing him to be or act like what he will; never be, says it all really!

and 200% agree:
"People with AS face enough condemnation throughout their lives from both family members and from society at large. They do not need extra guilt and anxiety piled on by "experts"- telling them what bad parents they must be, simply by virtue of having AS. "
in fact as an asperger parent I find this article offensive, but us to being discriminated against has happen all my life! Individuals need to remember we are there AS childs voices.,the brilliant insight mainly comes from spectrum adults, and I feel should be praised not criticized!!! its so frustrating with every step we take forward, some one wants to knock us down...Aspergers Parallel Planet

October 22, 2009 - 3:02pm


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