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Incredibly enough, both my parents are on the spectrum, both have a quite severe version of Asperger/HFA, and both have severe ADD/ADHD. And it doesn't even stop there; my father has an IQ of around 60-70, and is mildly mentally retarded and has a really bad and extremely explosive temper. To top it all, my mother is even a covert malignant narcissist with an extreme mix of several personality disorders. She is basically a living encyclopedia of mental illnesses. Extremely anxious, extremely dependent, extremely avoidant/schizoid and a world champion of passive aggression. She is basically afraid of "everything", and hardly dare to go anywhere unless my father is with her.

In a world of more than 7 Billion people, it's a miracle that these two retards managed to find each other, it's truly a marriage straight from Hell. If I were to "choose" again, I rather would take a single, alcoholic and prostitute mother as my only parent than these two together! First I inherited their lousy genes, then suffered massive abuse from these two utterly crazy "humans". I truly believe they are the worst pair of parents in the world, I can't imaging anyone being worse!

My father has generally one emotion; anger, my mother has two more: self-pity and hatred. She is the eternal martyr who has sacrified herself for the family, and my father is the cheerleader who backs her up 100%, no matter what crazy stuff she is up to. Their marriage is very strong, undoubtedly because they have noone else. They have hardly any friends

They viewed themselves as excellent parents, constantly talking about how hopeless other parents were. True, we had always food and clothes, but just about the only emotion in the house was aggression. My father usually had several hysterical meltdowns each day and my mother used her passive-aggressive tacics on a daily basis on us from we were toddlers. I was NEVER hugged, never told I was loved. Every objection was hysterically treated as treason, as if we were dolls that had malfunctioned. Small accidents, like tilting a glass of milk could be punished with spanking. I remember once, when I was around 6-7 years old, my mother suddenly stormed out the door, telling us that she wasn't coming back until we behaved. We didn't even know what we had done. My father, staring angry at us, just said; "that's what happen when you don't listen." She was gone for several hours before she returned, as angy as when she left and didn't talk to us for the rest of the evening.

I am also an aspie with plenty comorbidities, as is my brother. My sister seems to have gotten away with "just" ADD. I have two children, one son who has asperger and a daughter who probably has BPD. My sister's son is a low-function autistic and her daughter is an aspie. Of my brother's three children at least one is a clear aspie. So, out of 12 family member at least 8 is on the spectrum.

As an adult I have tried to talk to my mother about and her and my father's mental illnesses, but she denies everything. According to her, the only thing she suffers from is a "nice-girl-syndrome"! These two were incredible harmful, and I hate them intensely to this day.

May 3, 2017 - 3:59pm


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