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"A cornucopia of material is available, finally, for AS children, and Asperger's / NT marriages, and Asperger's in adults. But their NT child is -- still -- overlooked."
"To compound the situation, Asperger's was unheard of at that time. Who knew?"

This is all so true. And it's almost impossible to google on it. Because all terms as "(adult) child" "Aspergers", "parent" will return results on parents of Aspergers adult children.

And how do you find out if your parent is an Aspergers? When he (or she) is a pensioner by now? I can't walk up to my dad and say: "You know what dad, I finally have gotten a grip on why we have such a lousy bond. You're an Aspergers, you and I can't help it. But we could improve on it, if only you'd know yourself." Because the more I've read on the subject, the more sure I am he is. And the more I 'treat' him as an Aspergers, the better it is. I don't get worked up so much, and he doesn't get worked up so much.
But I feel insecure about it, and I feel as a cheat: I'm treating him secretly, with a hidden 'agenda' so to speak. I'm not 'honest'. And it hurts. Not in the least because he is, like a true Aspergers, brutally honest. That's part of the 'problem', LOL.

August 14, 2015 - 1:32am


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