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You are not alone. Just a few weeks ago had that ah ha! moment when I ran across an article about adults with AS and their NT spouses and family members. My father (in his early 80s) is undiagnosed AS. I've been wondering all of my life why I got the father that ignored his children (and still ignores them). The one that never called to say hello or happy birthday or came to visit. Nothing. Ever. I had a sad and miserable childhood but fortunately left home the first chance I got. My younger sister didn't get away, and has never been able to find any joy in life due to severe panic attacks and depression. This is what happens when you aren't nurtured. I'm dealing with a great deal of sadness with this new discovery. All of a sudden the "great mystery" that has haunted me all of my life may have been solved. More attention is needed to the damage that is done to the
typical children of AS parents.

August 4, 2015 - 5:07pm


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