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I have just started a closed discussion group for this topic on Facebook. It is for NT members only. Please search by the title: "Neurotypical Friends and Relatives of AS People" and request to join. It will be a safe place to express troubles with your loved ones who have AS. NT members only, so we can feel safe and relaxed to blow off steam and not have to speak perfectly. I wanted it to appear in searches and be easy to find, so it is a closed group rather than a secret group. I love my Aspie mom, and I have much experience on both sides of the issue. In this group we will help each other understand Aspergers, how it affects our loved ones, and how it affects our own development. We will focus on ourselves and we will not let Aspergers run our lives. We will not bash Aspergers either. We understand Aspergers as a genetic disorder, and those affected as disabled/ differently abled. We will support ourselves in finding peace with our Aspergers friends.

April 20, 2013 - 12:13pm


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