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(reply to Shaina Gaul)

FAM is life changing/affirming but adopting the practice requires a radical shift towards self-empowerment and trust. In conversations I have with women new to the concept, I continually hear echoes of doubt -- we are so used to conforming to the notion that we cannot trust signals and signs from our bodies, and that somehow we are too inept to own our experience and should opt for the quick and easy medical/pharma solution. That said, I think the tide is changing and there is a growing trend towards natural health solutions.
I have done a fair amount of research on insurance coverage for fertility monitors and the hoops one must jump through to acquire placement on the formularies are impressive. It is not terribly encouraging. However, fertility monitors are classified as medical devices, which means they often can be covered reimbursement through one's FSA/HSA (Flexible Spending Account) plan. It is an imperfect situation, but at least this offers some financial relief.

November 11, 2009 - 10:41am


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