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I married to a man has AS just know recently this week, he has AS, we been 4 years together and I just know all about this AS after we get married, I am Pilipina, and my husband is a British. He sent me an email to tell me, he wish to end our relationship last month, I was devastated, heavy heart, depressed, no deeper reason he come to this decision, I run to our Pastor for counseling, and prayer, is it true, praying is very powerful. After a week we not speak, I gave him time for himself to think, he ask me for forgiveness, and I forgave him, I still patients and try to understand him,,, days past I ask what his deeper reason why he comes on his mind to email me that way, it was very hurt! Then he told me he has AS, a reason he was divorce before because of this... But you know what I did, for God's wisdom, she bless me with acceptance, and understanding, we communicate everyday, even his special interest his boat, but in a day, he will gave me a time to speak before he will sleep. I never blaming him, instead I show how much I love him, being expressive is a good way to do, and. See now he does care and worried. Just stay be patients and pray to the Lord. It's is impossible for a man to do, because this is incurable, but for God nothing is impossible with him.

April 9, 2015 - 11:43pm


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