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Get divorced, right away. I am with a partner (female) who has an ex-husband with a/s. He is the most awfull person since he doesn't understand their mutual childs emotions - he has a/s too. Still now after they are divorced he is constant trouble, not accepting that is only child needs special care. I don't care about being political incorrect here - i simply hate him. He's an awful father and a bad person - simply because he can't empathize, he's angry and resentfull because she left him. What a jerk. I wish i could do something physical about it. Please women - NEVER have children with an a/s man - next to a psycopath it's the worst. The kind on the other hand is lovable, but he is being slowly destroyed by his father and his "loving" wife, defending every wrongdoing he makes, claiming that we "bully" him because we have another opinion on his biological child. How awfull. A/s persons should NOT have children - and if you get one with one - leave him - and make sure he doesn't get child custody!

February 13, 2013 - 3:26pm


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