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My word ... just don't read the article if it makes you want to spit venom. You have no idea if the person who writes this is claiming any benefits - so why assert it and then attack on those grounds. Whether or not you accept benefits for CFS, or for any other reason, does not at all form the basis as to whether or not someone else should - everything is not relative to you and your needs. There is not one single person out there with CFS who doesn't want a cure...giving ten tips on how to help isn't exactly going to make people the world over feel that they suddenly accept the life destroying effects of CFS nor is it going to consequently result in everyone holting in their efforts to find a cure or help in any form. There is mild, moderate and severe forms of CFS... that does not stop those on the mild end of the spectrum from being able to offer suggestions on how they can be proactive in helping themselves.

June 18, 2017 - 4:05pm


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