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Hi! I just need to consult something.. please help me. before anything else.. I'm not pregnant! :) But my question is, I usually sleep at regular hours.. like 12am to 8am and my menstruation is normal.. like that kind of schedule.. then when I started my job, my shift is from 6am-2pm.. then I didnt have my period last month, and Im not sure if i'll have this month... its almost the end of July. I have an irregular mestruation history 3 years ago.. like I didnt have my period for 4 months and I literally got FAT! I dont know what to do to have my period back... I gain a lot of weight whenever I dont get my period.. Please help me on what to do :/ Thank you thank you very much... I really appreciate this site. :)

July 18, 2014 - 7:53am


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