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I think it's possible, but unlikely that you would get pregnant under these circumstances. If you still don't have your period, why don't you go ahead and buy a home test. The sooner you know, the better, and if you're not pregnant, then you'll be able to stop worrying. It's not uncommon to have late periods even when you're not pregnant.

In the future, I would not fix a condom that was inside out - just throw it out and use a new one. It's definitely possible that a few sperm were hanging out on the other side of that condom, even if you couldn't see any semen.

And while it's too late for this time, if you're old enough, remember that you can get Plan B for situations like this. And continue to be careful! I am in my 40s and have only ever had unprotected sex one time, but that was all it took to get me pregnant.

I hope things work out ok for you.

December 21, 2011 - 10:54am


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