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Michelle is correct, the prep is the worse.. I also encourage all woman to have a colonoscopy. I recently had a perianal absess and dr's thought I either had the beginnings of crohn's or some other diesease. I was very nervous. but the dr's and nurses are great for the procedure. the medication they gave me I was sedated, i felt like the procedure took 5 min. but was 30 min.. you wake up and didnt feel a thing. and was the best sleep i had in a long time. if i had the choice of having a colonoscopy or going to the dentist.. i will take the colonoscopy please!!! Take the time to have yours done. you will not regret it.. it can save your life.. I was lucky and my colon is great. nothing wrong with me.. at least now i have that peace of mind.
please you will not regret this..

August 16, 2010 - 11:51am


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