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Be well, and get the iud removed. I had my merina out almost 2 weeks ago. I'd had the it for almost 10 years (two seperate but sequential iuds). Please be sure to surround yourself with the support you need. I really did experience a 'crash' about 3 days after removal. It was like PMS for me, a sense of overwhelming dread and inability to cope. It's MUCH better now, and the belly bloat is substantially diminished. It never occurred to me that the merina could have impacted my libido. Now that the iud is gone I have, without getting too graphic, the internal 'urge' from the uterus area. You gals know what I mean! My libido is BACK! My husband is a physician so by definition skeptical, but even if the symptoms are psychosomatic who cares? I feel better (now, but do be prepared for a few days of ick) and there is no question my sex drive has returned. For that alone it's worth having it removed.

May 26, 2017 - 1:54pm


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