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Talk! Talk to him. He's obviously hurt. Like I said before, men are fragile! We're often expected to be the sexual aggressors, but being turned down time and again is frustrating and painful. It's natural to look for another cause, and those are the causes that often make sense.

In our case, the change was nearly immediate. I don't know if that's normal or not. Explain what you think might be going on. Show him this page of you think it'll help. I know it's not easy to talk about this sort of thing, but at this point I don't think you can avoid it.

Talk to him! It sounds like he loves you very much, and is just at his wit's end, which is understandable. If that's the case, I'm all but certain he'll at least give it a chance.

May 10, 2017 - 5:06pm


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