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THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO POSTED HERE! I'm 22 y/o when no sex drive. I've had the mirEna for right at 5 years and this has been affecting my marriage for 2. Once were having sex, it's amazing, toe curling, lip biting amazing! I always have an orgasm. I HAVE ONE SEXY HUSBAND! I just can't get it started, I can't initiate it, it's pushing him away thinking I'm not attracted to him or I'm getting it for elsewhere which neither are the case! I'm making an appointment tomorrow to get this taken out! I can't have this ruin my marriage lIke it has been! Anyone, if you have doubts...don't question it for as long as I have...as soon as the thought crosses you mind it could be the Mirena, TAKE IT OUT!!

April 20, 2017 - 3:44pm


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