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As I'm reading all of these comments and can relate to each and every one of them and I am getting more and more upset with myself for keeping this mirena iud in for so long. It has literally destroyed my sex life. I am only 23 and i have no desire what so ever to have sex with my fiancé and he is thinking that I am no longer attracted to him which isn't the case. So we just tried to have sex after a very long drought. So we're doing the foreplay and everytime I would get aroused, it's like it would go away just as quickly when I would become horny. So after 30 mins or so of the back and fourth horny not horny I finally say let's do it.. so we're preparing to do it and as soon as he licks my boobs I was immediately turned off smh. So we had gone back and fourth about not being attracted to one another anymore and maybe we shouldn't be together until I googled this site. I thought I was going crazy about how I've been feeling and I'm happy to know that I am not. So I will be getting this thing removed on the next available appointment my OB has.. i miss my old self ..

April 11, 2017 - 11:28pm


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