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Dont know if it dehydrates or not...but what I do know is when I stopped drinking coke within 3 days my blood pressure when from being a bit high with my 25mg dose of meds to 93/65 with the same dose.

I was going to have my doctor INCREASE my dose of 25mg to 50mg because my blood pressure has been climbing ...but after I quit drinking coke 3 weeks ago my pressure literally dropped the third day onthe same dose and instead of INCREASING it Ive actually cut my meds back to ONE QUARTER...1/4....of the dose I was taking.

Probably all that sugar causing insulin spikes that raised the pressure....but whatever....Im done with Coke and people who think its safe to drink it buy the gallon are fooling themselves

yeah...its VERY addictive. Im still jonesing 3 weeks later.
I nearly caved when I saw a 2 liter of coke at the store yesterday. Been sucking on Jolly Ranchers a few times a day to keep the sugar monkey off my back.

But....in sodas defense Ive been drinking 6-10 cans a day of coke and maybe ONE glass of water a month.
in moderation soda may not be a problem.

May 24, 2015 - 6:13pm


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