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i am having the same problem, i have had these same problems recurring multiple times since age 14. currently, i am washing sheets and changing clothes and being caught by surprise with a mess to clean up-.
it is really hard, damn near impossible, to maintain a happily active sexual life with my husband- not with the relentless but unpredictable bleeding.
My skin is in absolute chaos- i wake up to a "pregnancy mask" that was not there the night before, pimples some days, dry, fragile and aged other days, only "normal" looking for two days in a row... another debilitating part is the crippling effects on mood/sensitivity- reading your post made me cry for God's sake---
I have not been to the doctor yet- i have no strength to go, yet again, to have the exam, the blood work, the imaging- jsut to find out what the next medication and procedure I will be doing-- which will work for a few years- just until my body finds a new way to thwart it.
I have been through rounds of hormone imbalance related invasive medical procedures at age 14, 18, 23, 30, and 35... Always with the same reason- "we don't know why" which ultimately means "we don't know how to keep it from recurring"
i just wanted you to know that someone else is in your boat

May 24, 2017 - 12:18pm


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