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This is the second time I've had this issue. The first time i was 24 and though i was not a virgin, i was not sexually active. This is the time i also started gaining a lot of weight (about 50lbs) but it's because I love food ( no other reason, i've ready discussed with my Doctor) i went a year with a my period (3-4 weeks on, 1-2 weeks off) i got blood test, an Ultrasound, i saw an obgyn and he ended up prescribing birth control pills and i was on it for a year and I was regular again until today. I am now 30 years old still overweight, still not sexually active (nor have i ever bad kids or been pregnant) and i missed my period Jan & Feb. and got it March 2nd (brown and light at first then bright red but no clots) then It became heavier and then around the first week of April (when i finally made an appointment with my doctor ) it went away for about two and a half weeks. Now it's back and its heavy and its almost a month since it came back. I got blood test done, I got an MRI (back in November) cuz i had a sharp pain near my lower left abdomen and the doctors didnt find anything then either. Well my doctor did not call me back with blood test results (i took the test two weeks ago) and i know no news is good news, but i still have my period. I did call to ask for the results but unfortunately my doctor is away for the next three weeks. Im frustrated that there is no answer about this? With what ive been reading only, birth control fixes half of the women and for the other half birth control does not work. Why doesn't anyone know why this happens to some Women? Thid is my second time i've had this, and I'm tired of leaking, changing my underwear everyday washing my sheets daily. There has to be an answer why this happens!

May 9, 2017 - 7:14pm


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