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Hi there, i have been bleeding for about a month. I went to the ER in the first week this was happening because my period was very strange I would soak through a super absorbency tampon every 30 mins, this latest 3 days straight, I called they gyn, they actually refused to see me and had me sent directly to the ER. The ER trip only told me a few things, one that my life was not in danger, two they gave me a script for sprintec that stopped my bleeding for about a week. My period is back and it's still the same month, I have a gyn appt in the books for next week. Bottom line if your very concerned and feel you are in a life threatening situation def, go to ER. To be honest I wish I didn't go, it didn't really solve my problem and I was sent home from the ER as girl that had a heavy period, I kinda felt silly and was left with a 1700 dollar ER bill.

May 28, 2015 - 5:19am


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