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Ron Baron

In 2005, the odds were 1 in 5000 of getting a very rare form of head and neck cancer - and I was blessed to have been the lucky one. Diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal/pharynx, I held the death card as I was given 3-6 months to live. This began my journey.

The reason that I'm alive today, knowing now that dying wouldn't have been a failure, is due to powerfully surrendering many of my brains pretended views on my life and human life itself. I quickly learned of the inherited nature correlation which present beliefs adopt from past generational contribution. The gift that was given, was an unexpected awakening into a much more more expansive reality that ever before. This helped foster a life in which I now thrive in.
The extra special and humbling bonus of all time, was having a near death experience, aka., an NDE. This was the icing on the cake for realizing 'what' I am and the question of "Why we're here".

One way in which I make my contribution to people is by being a Transformational Coach. Assisting others to break through what ever major blocks which exist in their life, allows me to sit in such gratitude. When I see the faces of people light up from the 'pop' of an ah-ha moment of awareness, I'm in awe. From that point on, their new awareness of freedom, by virtue of the smile on their face, confirms that our conversation made a sustainable difference. Their lives will never be the same. This is my health story. From trauma that I faced, came the break throughs and transformed live I now live. Gifting it to others is what 'paying it forward' looks like now.

Although I've never been fanatical about anything, I now live a very clean and healthy lifestyle.
During the 'cancer days', I learned to be in charge of my own destiny and protocol, with my doctors along side of me. To this, I added, naturopathy, homeopathy, organic nutrition, hands on healing, prayer circles and meditation. Anything short of voodoo… Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the reason there won't be a recurrence of the cancer. I've learned to study the human brain throughout my life and found that it's not personal. With regards to the way in which we live, I got to see how easy it is to 'knee jerk' back into the life that I once knew. Had I done that, I would have risked a recurrence.

Over the past years, I have spoken to individuals and groups about their own health and well being. My approach helps to powerfully and quickly shed light on becoming personally responsible and accountable for the quality of our own lives. This is a significant contributor to living a powerful and happy life.

Ron Baron
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"Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one." - Dr Albert Einstein

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