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I was a beanpole growing up, so being healthy wasn't really on my radar. I had exercise induced asthma, so I left well enough alone. After high school, I got into weight lifting and LOVED it. Life somehow took over and not only did I stop lifting weights, but I had a couple of kids and the years just flew by.

Spring of 2011, I woke up to the realization I weighed the same as I did a full nine months pregnant with my son. Sadly, he was well into his high school years, so the 'baby fat' line wasn't going to cut it. I decided running was the most efficient way to lose some of the unhealthy weight and hit the road with my inhaler. It. Was. Awful.
I ran to my office (a mile away) and walked back. Then I did it again. And again. A few months later, some friends encouraged me to sign up for a local 5k and I was hooked! Over the course of six months, I lost twenty pounds and found a love for running. In the last year, I've run three half marathons and am training for my first full marathon (October 2012).

Not only did I reclaim my health, but I found my voice. For the first time I was doing something for myself rather than doing for everyone else around me. In spite of being diagnosed asthmatic (not just exercise induced), dealing with anemia (and a genetic disorder that inhibits iron absorption), and a slew of health & injury issues, I'm pressing on and choosing to live a fit life!

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Aug 14

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